Wilbert Paul Obituary, Wilbert Paul Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Wilbert Paul Obituary, Death – Wilbert Paul Chapman, Jr., who had a long life and had reached the age of 89 when he passed away on March 28, 2023 at the Camden Clark Medical Center in Parkersburg, had an eventful life and had lived to the age. He believed that the city of Cairo, which is located in the state of West Virginia, would serve as his permanent residence.

His birth took place in the town of Smithburg, which is located in the state of West Virginia, on January 9, 1934. Before their kid was born, both of his parents, Wilbert P. Chapman and Wanda Chapman, had already passed away. He had a successful career at B.F. Goodrich and also worked at North Bend State Park before making the decision to retire earlier than he had originally intended to do so. During the Korean War was going on, he had served his country as a member of the United States Air Force (USAF), and he had done so during that conflict.

In his own time, Wilbert enjoyed participating in a wide range of pursuits, but two of his absolute favorites were going hunting and simply spending time with his friends. His son, Wilbert P. Chapman III, and his wife, Cheryl, currently reside in Marietta, Ohio. His sister, Sandy Sandy, currently resides in Parkersburg. He also has two granddaughters, Julia Binegar and Lexi Binegar, as well as two great-grandchildren, Parker and Carter. Wilbert P. Chapman, the one who played the role of his father, passed away prior to his own passing.

Both Wilbert’s wife Katherine C. Marden and their son Michael Glen Chapman passed away before he did, taking their respective places among the departed. The cremation was handled by the Raiguel Funeral Home in Harrisville, and following the service, his remains will be interred with those of his wife in the mausoleum that is located within the Cairo Masonic Cemetery. The Raiguel Funeral Home is a business that is owned and run by the Raiguel family.