Vivian Lott Obituary

Vivian Lott Obituary, Vivian Lott Has Passed Away At Age 60 – Death Cause

Vivian Lott Obituary, Death – On the afternoon of Friday, March 31, 2023, Vivian Elaine Lyles Lott passed away at the Spartanburg Medical Center. She had reached the age of 84. When you tracked her down to 103 Williams Street in Union, South Carolina, she was sixty years old already. She was born in South Carolina. She was well into her golden years.

She had been married to Charles Lott Jr., a local of Union County, South Carolina, but he had passed away before to her dying as well. Sadly, the couple never had any children together. She was already a mother to two kids from a previous marriage. A significant amount of time had been invested in the couple’s relationship up until that point before he left.

In addition, both of her parents, Wardell Lyles and Barbara Jean Jennings Lyles, passed away around this time frame as well. Moreover, she was the offspring of Wardell Lyles and Barbara Jean Jennings Lyles. Barbara Jean Jennings Lyles was her mother. She was raised by her mother, Barbara Jean Jennings Lyles. Her mother, Barbara Jean Jennings Lyles, was responsible for her upbringing.

Her mother, Barbara Jean Jennings Lyles, was the primary caregiver during her formative years. At this era, many people referred to her husband as Charles Lott Jr., which was the name that was most often used at the time. Vivian was a devout Christian who had a deep devotion to the Saint Paul Baptist Church. She was an active member there. She spent a considerable chunk of her life working at that company.

As a direct result of this fervor, she made it a priority to attend the worship sessions held by the church on a consistent basis. In addition to participating in the choir at the church, she was also a member of the church council and had a position there. The year 1980 was the year in which she graduated from Union High School and was presented with her diploma; hence, the year 1980 was the year in which she completed all of the prerequisites that were necessary to receive her high school graduation.

That was the year that she obtained her diploma after completing all of the requirements necessary to graduate from high school. Over the many years that she worked at Kohler Corporation, which accounted for a significant percentage of her total life, she committed a large portion of her life to working there and providing service to the company.