Val McCain Obituary, Former Hanford Vit Plant Project Director Dies - Death Cause

Val McCain Obituary, Former Hanford Vit Plant Project Director Dies – Death Cause

Val McCain Obituary, Death – After a brief battle with sickness, Valerie McCain, who was a senior vice president at Bechtel and the project director of the Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant, passed away on Sunday evening. We want to express our deepest condolences to her family and friends. The entire staff at Vit Plant is saddened by this news. Val served as an example to a large number of people working on the project, at the Hanford Site and Bechtel, and in the community of the Tri-Cities.

Since starting at WTP in October 2018, Val has led the team of 2,250 employees in finishing all construction for Direct-Feed Low-Activity Waste; transitioning to commissioning and ramping up the commissioning workforce; shifting to a 24/7 operational culture; and managing through the pandemic while continuing to advance the mission. All of these accomplishments have been accomplished while Val has been at WTP. The client from the Department of Energy gave the project the highest-ever rating for its performance just one week ago thanks to her leadership, which resulted in the achievement.

The Vit Plant team was able to accomplish some of the most difficult and exciting milestones in the project’s history thanks in large part to the leadership of Val, an extraordinary individual. Those who came into contact with her immediately recognized her genuine concern for the well-being of others. She exemplified great levels of honesty, compassion, and the determination to effect positive change in the world. The group was fortunate to have her serve as a leader in addition to being a member of the group and a friend.

In addition to that, she was a board member for organizations such as the Energy Facility Contractors Group, TRIDEC, the STEM Foundation, and Columbia Industries, serving both our local and government communities. After a brief battle with illness, Vit Plant project director Val McCain passed away on Sunday evening. It is with deep regret that we deliver the news that Val McCain has passed away. Everyone who works at Vit Plant is saddened by her passing. A great number of individuals on the project, around Hanford, and in the Tri-Cities community looked up to Val as a source of motivation. She felt an immense amount of pride for this team, particularly for its resiliency and dedication to our objective.