Travis Hansen Obituary Morbity MO, Travis Hansen Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Travis Hansen Obituary Morbity MO, Travis Hansen Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Travis Hansen Obituary, Death – Poonie, also known as Travis Jake Hansen, was born in Windom, Minnesota on November 7, 1979. His parents, Larry and Lori (Harvey) Hansen, were his parents. His christening took place in the year 1980 at the Trinity Lutheran Church in Jeffers, Minnesota, which is located in the state of Minnesota. Travis called the area including Storden, Jeffers, and Windom his home right up until 1982. After that, he moved to Oklahoma for a short while before returning to Minnesota.

He had been living in Minnesota previously. In addition, he was a resident in Tennessee for a good portion of his teenage years and Ohio for a good amount of his early adult years. Throughout his whole academic career, Travis was a student at both Storden-Jeffers Public School and Windom Public School. Travis was able to provide for himself by working in construction and at a variety of restaurants, where he was employed both as a cook and a server. His primary source of income was construction labor.

Haggling and bargaining were activities that Travis enjoyed doing as a hobby. He has the ability to talk his way out of any situation! His passion was audio and computer technology, and he was always looking for the next best thing in both fields. He enjoyed spending time with all of his close friends and playing poker, which was his preferred game. Travis was the kind of person who would step in and help a stranger out if they were struggling.

In addition to getting tattoos, fishing, hunting, skating, and spending time with his kids, one of his major hobbies was playing the bass guitar. He enjoyed all of these activities.

He is survived by his biological father and stepmother, Larry and Cheryl Hansen, of Rush City; his sister, Jennie Armstrong and Jeff Ayers and his niece, Taylor Ayers, of Windom; his sister, Sarah Laycee Hansen and Dale McGath and his niece, Hannah McGath, of Minneapolis; two stepbrothers, Robb Olson and Nikki of Anoka and Beau Olson and Sonya of Coon Rapids; his grandmother, Karen Iverson of Win

Travis Harvey was predeceased by his mother, Lori Robison, his maternal grandfather, Dave Harvey, and his cousin, Nicole Harvey. His passing came before theirs, which came before theirs.