Tim Strack Obituary, Tim Strack Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Tim Strack Obituary, Tim Strack Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Tim Strack Death, Obituary – We are deeply sorry to be the ones to break the news to you all, but we must tell you that Fire has died away. Captain Tim Strack is a highly respected member of the Riverside City Fire Department, the President of the Riverside City Firefighter’s Association Local 1067, and a well-known figure in our beautiful city. He has held this position for many years. He has worked for the department for a considerable amount of time.

After 28 years of exemplary and distinguished service to the community, Captain Strack was a pivotal figure in the efforts of the department to maintain the safety of our neighborhood and was a major figure in those efforts. This was after Captain Strack had served the community in a distinguished and exemplary manner. Because of the bravery, dedication, and commitment he displayed toward the people he served, both his fellow firefighters and the individuals he helped earned respect for him.

Captain Strack was a highly regarded and active member of the Local Firefighters Union, which he presided over as President from the year 2002 to the year 2013, when he retired. Over the entirety of his term in office, he devoted his undivided attention and energy to the cause of enhancing the working conditions of firefighters, not just in Riverside but also throughout the state of California and the rest of the country. By their combined efforts over the course of the years, Tim and his cherished wife Wendy have made an everlasting impression on the community.

Their contributions cannot be erased. Because of the selfless and steadfast dedication they have made to the community of Riverside, they are the embodiment of public servants because of the role they have played in the city. Madeline, Isabella, and Justin are the children that Tim is going to miss the most after he passes away. Because of Captain Strack’s passing, many people in the City of Riverside, the Local Firefighters Union, and the community as a whole have been put through a lot of pain and suffering. The things that he has achieved and the efforts that he has put in will be celebrated and revered for a good many years to come.