Thomas Carbaugh Obituary, Thomas Carbaugh Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Thomas Carbaugh Obituary, Thomas Carbaugh Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Thomas Carbaugh Death, Obituary – On March 20, 2023, Thomas G. Carbaugh, who had spent his entire life in Hanover, passed away. He had lived there all of his life. At the time of his departure, he had already lived to the ripe old age of 86. He was the brother of Francis Carbaugh and his wife Shirley, and he was also the father of Thomas J. Carbaugh and his wife Jill, Michele Gladfelter and her husband David, David Carbaugh and his wife Brenda, Anthony Carbaugh, and Daniel Carbaugh and his wife Stacy.

In addition, he was the uncle of Daniel Carbaugh and his wife Stacy. Also, he was the grandpa of Daniel Carbaugh and Stacy, who would later marry. Thomas is also survived by his 21 grandchildren, several of his great-grandchildren, and a number of his great-great-grandchildren. In addition, Thomas had 21 great-great-grandchildren. He had a soft spot in his heart for his granddaughter, Amber Gearhart, who was also his daughter’s daughter.

Every second that he got to spend with her was precious in his eyes. Before he did, his wife Rose Marie (Smith) Carbaugh, their son Michael Carbaugh, and his sister Gloria Krug all passed away. He was the only member of his family to have lived to adulthood. The only member of his immediate family to have survived, he was the sole survivor of his family.

Tom regularly attended the services held at the Sacred Heart Basilica in Edgegrove, which is where he became a member of the church. In addition to that, he volunteered his time with the Irishtown Fire Companies and the S.A.V.E.S. In addition to this, he was the first person in the history of Conewago Township to work there full time while simultaneously holding the job of head of police in the township.

Tom’s best friends, Buddy and Bucky, were always there for him, and he treasured the time he got to spend with them. During the course of his life, he has engaged in a wide variety of activities. Some of these activities include hunting, birdwatching, fishing for turtles, working with wood, to name just a few.