Ted Matsukis Obituary, Ted Matsukis Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Ted Matsukis Obituary, Ted Matsukis Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Ted Matsukis Obituary, Death – Ted Matsukis was a member of the South High family, and our hearts are broken to inform you of his passing. You have most likely interacted with Mr. Matsukis if you were a student at South High or if you went to any sporting event at South High between the years 1962 and the present day. On Friday, March 17, he left this world. After graduating from Wayne State Teacher’s College with degrees in both the Bachelor of Arts and the Master of Science, Ted began his teaching career in 1962 at South Elementary School as a teacher of social studies and international history.

He was well-known for his sense of humor, cheerfulness, and fashion, and he was affectionately referred to as “The Little Greek.” Over the course of his life, he was a sponsor for the Red Vests, the O Club, and prom. It was stated in the 1980 edition of the Taurus yearbook that he was one of the best ten teachers at South. In 1986, he was elected the second toughest teacher, and in 1987, he was voted the number one toughest South teacher. In 1988, he was voted the second toughest teacher overall.

After 31 years of service in the classroom, he made the transition to the security staff in 1994 and then retired the following year. Served as our student volunteer organizer for many years while volunteering at the Alumni Association’s Spaghetti Dinners. He ensured that there was always a useful activity for the students to do. The last picture of him that we have is from 2017, and it was taken at a spaghetti dinner. Please take a moment to appreciate these photographs that we were able to snag from the yearbooks at South that provide a look into his time there.
We are thinking about him and all of his loved ones at this time. Ted was one of a kind and will be sorely missed by his family and friends.