Taquinta Lawson Murder–suicide, Denham Springs LA, Taquinta Lawson Has Died - Death Cause

Taquinta Lawson Murder–suicide, Denham Springs LA, Taquinta Lawson Has Died – Death Cause

Taquinta Lawson Murder–suicide – It is quite hard for me to accept the fact that you were able to elude me for such a brief period of time since it seems impossible. For the photoshoot that you have planned, your hair appointment was scheduled to take place on Thursday. Nevertheless, you did not show up. But, you did not show up for the event. To tell you the truth, the conversation that you and I had the day before yesterday was still playing a significant role in my thoughts, sister…. It sounds like you had a wonderful time while eating crawfish with your family.

I’m glad you shared your experience with us. I appreciate you being so open and honest about your experience. You were so prepared to go on to the next chapter of your life, which was something that we talked about and prayed about together; nevertheless, God had other plans for you. You had a good time in life in general, but you especially liked spending time with the people who were a part of it, especially your family and other close friends.

If I had been aware of the context in which the events took place, I never in my wildest dreams would have conceived of the possibility that careless acts of #domesticviolence might result in you being cut off from the people you care about the most. If I had been informed of the situation, I would have been able to handle it much more effectively. This particular letter grade was not earned by you. What exactly am I meant to do with the information that you have given to me?

I am writing to ask you to pray not only for my close friend but also for his loved ones and the other people who are a part of his life. It’s more than my aching chest can take in at this point. Friends are people you choose, in contrast to family members who are connected to you via blood. I CHOSE Taquinta Monique to be my friend, and she CHOSE ME to be her friend, which makes our friendship even more unique and precious!!! Do you really want to tell me that’s all there is? What a tragic way to live! What a terrible tie to cut! T, my dearest friend, I adore you in every every way! That has completely and utterly destroyed my heart.

Gorgeous inside-out! I could go on and on and on till the cows come home!!!!! T, I have a strong feeling that you are making things up! As I type this girl’s name, I can’t help but have a queasy feeling in my stomach. This cannot possibly be true! Such an abundance of LOVE and LIFE