Susan Mcdonald Obituary Ontario Canada, Susan Mcdonald is Dead - Death Cause

Susan Mcdonald Obituary Ontario Canada, Susan Mcdonald is Dead – Death Cause

Susan Mcdonald Obituary, Death – Susan Elizabeth McDonald: Daughter, sister, crazy aunt, soulmate to Stephen, friend to many, mentor to many more, Crescent sailboat promoter, Captain of the Moxie, boatswain, lover of all-things-Detroit, especially the Eastern Market and Indian Village, intellect, pathological optimist, food aficionado, voracious reader (loved Kafka!), history buff, promoter of science (especially asteroids), and goat herder, sailed away from us on March 6, 2023.

Susan Elizabeth Blohm was born in East Detroit, August 19, 1952. Packed into a tiny house with four siblings and her parents, the East Detroit years were happy with an endless stream of neighborhood kids and chaos. One bathroom and 900 square feet proved to be too small for all seven–so off to the ‘burbs they went. The family moved to Clinton Township in the Mid-60’s. Susie stayed in touch with many of her life-long early neighborhood friends throughout the years. She graduated from Fraser High School in 1970 as a precocious student, with an intellect and sarcastic wit well beyond her age.

She was voted class crab in the alternative yearbook, and proudly posed for a photo standing atop a pile of garbage giving the world ‘the bird.’ So much for high school. Sue headed to Western Michigan where she met her former husband Patrick McDonald (deceased). She eventually made her way back to her beloved Detroit where she graduated from Wayne State University with a degree in journalism. After moving to Indian Village in the late 70’s, she became the Editor of the Grosse Pointe News, and later Editor of Michigan Woman Magazine.

Her life completely changed when she met the smart, quirky guy with the outrageous beard: Her soulmate and life-partner, Stephen. Together, Susie and Stephen sailed through life–from adventures in the Florida Keys, to endless days on the Detroit River and the Great Lakes. They shared a mutual love for Crescent sailboats, Indian Village, and especially each other. Thus, began the Goat Yard Years. The Goat Yard, an eclectic collection of everything from boats to firetrucks, took its name from Captain Nemo, the ornery goat that wandered the yard, loving only Susie and tolerating the rest. There were parties on the tug, competitive racing, and life-long friendships made. And through it all there was sailing. Lots and lots of sailing. Her life changed again when Stephen died in 2013.