Stephanie Lewis Obituary Los Angeles CA, Stephanie Lewis Has Died - Death Cause

Stephanie Lewis Obituary Los Angeles CA, Stephanie Lewis Has Died – Death Cause

Stephanie Lewis Obituary, Death – Sherry L. Coulter (David), and Steve Derry (Nicole); eight nieces and nephews; many extended family members and friends; and her three fur babies, Lila, Little Man, and Brownie. Her mother Yvonne Derry resides at the family home. Her mother, Yvonne Derry, makes her home with the family at the current location. Her mother, Yvonne Derry, currently resides in the aforementioned site with the rest of the family.

Thank you for the good moments we’ve shared together and for checking up on my son so frequently, even after he’s had all of his surgeries. I really appreciate it. You will be remembered with fondness, but you will not be forgotten. Stephanie Lewis, you will not be forgotten. She is survived by her mother, Yvonne Derry, who resides at the family home; her three siblings, Dawn Abarca (Woodrow Boyd Jr.)

This was before Stephanie’s health started to deteriorate. During this period, Stephanie’s health had significantly improved from where it had been. It was clear that she took a great deal of satisfaction in the fact that she worked as a Nursing Assistant, a position that she held, as well as in the fact that she held that position. She treated her close family with the utmost respect, and she was pleasant and helpful to everyone else she met. Her immediate family received her whole attention.

The things in life that Stephanie looked forward to the most were going to the movies, participating in craft events, working on her cherished diamond paintings, and spending time with her three fur babies. The memories that people have of these aspects of Stephanie’s life will be etched indelibly into their thoughts for the rest of their lives. Before Stephanie’s health started to decline, she and her friends would have a lot of fun going to the lake and hanging out there.