Ryuichi Sakamoto Obituary

Ryuichi Sakamoto Obituary, Ryuichi Sakamoto Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Ryuichi Sakamoto Obituary, Death Cause  – It is with a heavy heart that we have to tell you the sad news that Ryuichi Sakamoto has passed away; it is with regret that we have to share this information with you. When it comes to music, the level of talent that he possesses is absolutely astounding. Since the year 1979, when we were first introduced to Computer Game / Firecracker, the work that he has produced, both as a solo artist and with Yellow Magic Orchestra, has been an important source of motivation for us.

imaginations were filled with an image of an appealing guy who he was because of the things that were stated about him. This came about as a result of the negative things that were said about him. Until we finally did so in 2016 at Other Music, we had been trying to meet him for a number of years prior to that point in time. We had brought a copy of the score for The Revenant with us in the hopes that he would be willing to autograph it, and he was kind enough to do so for us.

This is true whether we are listening to his work as a solo artist or as a member of Yellow Magic Orchestra. It makes no difference whether we are talking about the work he has done on his own or the work he has done with the band; this is always the case. This is something that can be articulated in relation to the music that has been made by both of the groups, and it is something that is able to be said about both of them. At this point, this circumstance has persisted for a considerable percentage of the time that has passed.

His passing will leave a void that will be sharply felt by people working in the music business on a widespread scale since he was a towering figure in the world of music. His passing will create a hole that will be keenly felt by those working in the music business. Rest In Peace, maestro.