Russell Hannan Obituary, Russell Hannan Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Russell Hannan Obituary, Russell Hannan Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Russell Hannan Death, Obituary – The news that an old friend of mine had passed away the week before was a source of great sadness for all of us this week when we heard it. In the preceding week, we made the discovery that this was something that we found out. It had been far too long since I’d seen this friend, and it felt like an eternity. We had not encountered this particular individual in what felt like an incredibly eons-long span of time at all.

There had been an insufficient amount of time that had elapsed since the last time we had engaged in conversation with one another since our previous encounter. Russell Hannan and I both served on the Administration Committee of the Victorian Liberal Party in the early years of this century. We did so throughout the first few years of this century. In the early years of this century, we carried out these activities. The conclusion of each of our respective terms occurred about at the same moment for each of us.

When we spoke to him, he was performing the duties that are associated with his position as State Treasurer at the time. After that, he continued to serve in that post; however, his time as State President was cut short due to sickness, therefore he did not complete the term. He was unable to continue his role as President of the State since the severity of his ailment prevented him from doing so.

His great sensitivity to the feelings of individuals around him and quick awareness of the larger environment will remain engraved firmly in my mind for the rest of my life. We will always remember him for these qualities. Our friendship is something that will always hold the utmost importance in both of our hearts, and we have no plans to ever reduce its significance in any way, shape, or form.

Vale Russell. We pray that throughout all of eternity, God will bless you and watch over you vigilantly to keep you safe from any evil that may come your way. Also, we ask God to guard you from any blessings that may come your way and keep you safe.