Rosemary McChesney Obituary

Rosemary McChesney Obituary, 72 Years Old Rosemary McChesney Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Rosemary McChesney Death, Obituary – Together, Rosemary McChesney Curle and her husband, who is also named Rosemary, managed the business throughout those many years. She passed away on March 25th, 2023, in the Aparangi Care Center at Te Kauwhata, which was situated in Te Kauwhata. She had a total of 72 years of life experience at that point in time. She was a loving and devoted mother to her children Geoff, Allison, Mark, and Nicola, and she was also a loving and devoted wife to her husband Brian, to whom she was married.

She and Brian had four children: Geoff, Allison, Mark, and Nicola. On top of this, she was a doting grandmother to each and every one of her grandchildren. After she passes away, her legacy will be carried on by her children Geoff, Allison, and Mark, while Margaret, Colleen, Florence, and Patricia will always think of her as a loyal and treasured brother or sister. After the passing of her daughter Gillian, only her son Geoff and her two other children, Allison and Mark, will have any recollection of their mother.

She is not only the devoted grandmother of Lisa, Kelly, and Matthew, as well as Paige and Matthew, Zoe, Alice, and Lucy, but she is also Brooks’s great-grandmother. In addition to that, Paige and Matthew might consider her to be their great-grandmother. She was Paige’s grandmother. A Celebration of Rosemary’s Life will be held at the Lakeside Church and Community Centre on the morning of Wednesday, March 29, at eleven in the morning, in remembrance of her passing.

This event will be held in memory of Rosemary. At 1 Emmanuel Way, in the neighborhood of Huntly, you’ll find the venue for the event that you’re looking for. The funeral service will be followed later in the day by a burial service, which will take place at the Kimihia New Lawn Cemetery in Huntly. The cemetery is located in the same town as the funeral service. The funeral service and the interment of the deceased both take place in the same town. Both the funeral service and the burial of the deceased take place in the same town as the funeral home.

In lieu of sending flowers, the family has asked for donations to be made to the Aparangi Care Centre as a token of their appreciation for everyone’s support throughout this difficult time. These presents will serve as a demonstration of their gratitude toward us. During the time that she was in the care of the Aparangi Care Centre and the Kimihia Resthome, the staff members who worked at both facilities provided her with care that was both attentive and compassionate.