Ronald Rakowski Obituary

Ronald Rakowski Obituary, A Member Of The KAC Has Sadly Passed Away Aged 67 – Death Cause

Ronald Rakowski Death, Obituary – Ronald B. Rakowski, 67 at the time of his death (he had previously lived in Hampshire, Illinois), passed dead suddenly at his house in Markesan, Wisconsin on March 25, 2023. After relocating from Hampshire, Illinois, he found work in Markesan. All three of the Rakowski kids were born on November 17, 1955, in Elgin, Illinois. James and Bernice Rakowski were their parents.

He went to Burlington Central High School for his junior and senior years. Ron, who had been in love with Cindy (Allen) since he was a young lad, finally tied the knot with her in 1975. Cindy was a former Allen family member. When they were young, Cindy was his first and only true love. Over the course of his 41 years in the trucking industry, he hauled milk, freight, and construction materials, driving more than a million kilometers in total. Throughout this time, Ron was also a dedicated family man.

Ron transported milk, freight, and construction materials, among other things. Ron had spent a significant portion of his working life in the trucking industry before deciding to make the switch to his dream job as a school bus driver. He had worked as a truck driver for the most of his professional life. He made it a daily routine to check in on the kids and hear about their adventures at school and in the community. That time of day had the most anticipation for him.

Ron felt a happy, warm glow inside of him as he reflected on the time he had spent in the bus garage chatting with the drivers. While working at the bus garage, Ron was able to make a lot of friends. Ron was a man of many interests; during his lifetime, he enjoyed a variety of pursuits, including hunting, fishing, boating, and hanging out with his grandchildren and granddogs. Ron’s love for his family was just one of his many interests. Ron always made the most of his opportunities by grabbing his bow and practicing his aim whenever he got the chance.

The Kishwaukee Archer’s Club welcomed him as a member for many years of his life. He met people who would become lifelong friends at this club. Not only did he get a kick out of logging as many miles as he could in his “buggy,” but he also loved spending time with his loved ones. Ron and his wife Cindy had finally finished building their dream lake house, and they couldn’t wait to move in and start living the good life. They anticipated this moment with great anticipation.