Roger Boucher Obituary

Roger Boucher Obituary, Roger Boucher Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Roger Boucher Obituary, Death – The tragic news that Roger Boucher had passed away was just recently brought to my attention. During this difficult time, my thoughts and prayers are with those who were dear to him as well as his friends and family. Roger exemplified the greatest qualities of what it means to be a human being; he was the most generous and sincere person that one could ever hope to have the privilege to know.

Roger was a man who represented the highest ideals of what it means to be a human being. He was a well-known personality in the world of pool and was regarded as one of the most gifted players to ever come from the state of New England at the time of his birth. He was born in New England. Within the billiards community, he was a well-known figure who was held in high regard.

His formative years were spent in Fitchburg, at the St. Joseph’s Club, where he developed into a skilled pool player. Those years were spent in Fitchburg. He prioritized being present there over all other aspects of his life. He was a multiple-time winner of the title of New England Champion, and he held the record for the highest run that has ever been achieved in a straight pool event that was held in New England.

He also held the record for the highest run that has ever been achieved in a straight pool event outside of New England. This accomplishment continues to hold the record. Back in Roger’s day, players like Irving Crane, Willie Mosconi, and Boston Shorty, amongst a huge number of others, would seek him out to participate against them in exhibition matches at St. Joe’s Club. Roger would then challenge these players to a match.

Despite the fact that Roger was the driving force behind making Fitchburg the epicenter of pool competition in New England for decades, a surprisingly tiny number of people are aware of this fact. This is because Roger was the one who was responsible for bringing it about in the first place. As can be seen in the picture that can be found below, he arrived at Saint Joe’s Club with the goal of participating in a session that was being conducted by the professional player Ralph Souquet.

This was his intention when he arrived at the club. He did that so that he might get better at the game. Throughout the course of the previous few years, he has been more than happy to take part in our junior fund-raising events alongside Ralph, Efren Reyes, Mike Dechaine, Johnny Archer, and Rodney Morris, amongst other people. He has been happy to do so alongside many others. Also, he has enjoyed doing it in the company of other people.