Robert Brotherton Obituary, Nancy Kentucky, Has Died - Death Cause

Robert Brotherton Obituary, Nancy Kentucky, Has Died – Death Cause

Robert Brotherton Obituary, Death – We are sorry to inform you that Robert Wendell Brotherton, who resided in Nancy, Kentucky, passed away on March 24, 2023 at the Jewish Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Brotherton family during this difficult time. Our prayers are with him, as well as his loved ones and friends.

Robert was the son of the late Bernard Brotherton and Allene (Brotherton) Tarter, both of whom had passed away before him, as well as the late Athel Tarter, who had passed away before him as Robert’s stepfather. All three of Robert’s parents had passed away before him. Robert’s birthday is September 22nd, 1946, and he was born in Somerset, Kentucky.

Wendell is survived by his wife, as well as his sister-in-law, Diane Brotherton, and a sizable number of great nieces and nephews. He also leaves behind his parents. His parents, his sister Tamera Daulton, his brother Ronald Brotherton, and his nephew Eddie Daulton all passed away before him. He was the last surviving member of his immediate family. His siblings all passed away before he did, joining his parents as those who came before him in death.

Wendell was a dedicated husband to his wife Karen Brotherton for 52 years, and he was a proud father to their children, a son named Robert Eric Brotherton and a daughter named Robin Bernal. Robert Eric Brotherton passed away in 2002. (Fabian Bernal). Wendell was blessed with three grandchildren, each of whom occupied a unique place in his heart. Wendell loved all of his grandchildren equally. The Bernal family includes Chloe Brotherton, Morgan Bernal, and Zella Bernal among its members.

In addition, Wendell is survived by a large number of nieces and nephews, some of whom have the following names: Teresa Haynes, Melissa Helm, Angie Brotherton, Amy Brotherton, Steven Merrick, Sharon Dalton, Sabrina Merrick, Stephanie Woodson, Michael Merrick, Rickey Merrick, Brian Merrick, Jason Merrick, Amy Merrick King, Torey Thompson, Kevin Hargis, Teresa Prouty, Lesley Baker, and Belinda Baker.