Philip McDermott Obituary, Philip McDermott Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Philip McDermott Obituary, Philip McDermott Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Philip McDermott Obituary, Death – Last night, we were shocked to learn that our esteemed Club President and dear friend Philip McDermott had passed away. This has left us in a state of profound grief. On Treacy Terrace in 1932, Philip was born; he continued to call that home up until the day he passed away. After getting married to Annie (who has since passed away), he and his new wife settled down on Main Street for a while before moving back to Treacy Terrace to start a family with their two cherished daughters, Irene and Sheila. Both of these women took excellent care of Philip over the course of a significant number of years.

Before entering a period of semi-retirement as the much-loved lollipop man at the courthouse, Philip toiled away his entire life in hard labor in quarries and on the highways. Every day, when parents and children were going to or arriving from school, he would greet them with his contagious smile. He had a wonderful rapport with the youngsters, and they all looked forward with great anticipation to their regular time spent with Philip.

You could be sure that Philip would be there to support the First Fermanagh’s team no matter where they were competing, whether it was the men’s team, the ladies’ team, or the youth teams. He was a tireless advocate for our organization, and we couldn’t have asked for a more capable President or supporter. We are extremely delighted that Philip was able to join our other two presidents, Seamus and Eugene, in cutting the ribbon for the official opening of our brand-new Prunty Pitch last year.

Philip was a well-known ballad singer, and he regularly sang “The Reaping of the Rushes Green,” a song that his mother had performed at numerous sing-alongs and other events all throughout the town. Philip acknowledged that his mother was the primary source of his musical inspiration. Always immediately following a mention of our club song “Newtown is the place for us,” Philips’s name is brought up in conversation. Philip found a home in Newtown, and his legacy will be preserved in perpetuity in both the community and the club he helped build.