Oakley Carlson Missing, Help Find Oakley Carlson, Family Says

Oakley Carlson Missing – According to detectives with the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office, it will have been two years on February 10 since Oakley Carlson, who was five years old at the time and missing from Oakville, was last seen by anyone who could be considered trustworthy. Oakley was reported missing from Oakville when she was. Oakley has been living with her foster parents for close to three years prior to the decision being made by the courts in 2019 to have her returned to her birth parents

Andrew Carlson and Jordan Bowers. The decision to return Oakley to her birth parents was made in 2019. Get notifications from Idea Bumps regarding the hottest cryptocurrencies. If you sign up using the code MOON, you will receive $5 worth of Bitcoin at the conclusion of your first month after utilizing the service. Since the beginning of the investigation, Carlson and Bowers have both rejected requests from law enforcement to collaborate and provide information about Oakley’s whereabouts.

The officials believe that there may be a cover-up involved in Oakley’s disappearance, and they are looking into it. The Carlson residence is experiencing a fire at this time. Oakley’s parents, Andrew Carlson and Jordan Bowers, have stated that they believe their daughter started the fire because she was sitting on the couch with a lighter in her hand. In spite of this, the investigators came to the realization that the most likely origin of the fire was a microwave that was situated on the counter rather than on the couch.

In addition, according to the investigators, they found clothing and toys inside the house that belonged to two other children, but not Oakley. Oakley was not among the children who had their belongings found. During the search that the authorities conducted at the residence, they were unable to locate Oakley there.