Moira Taylor Obituary

Moira Taylor Obituary, Gerringong Golf Club Lifelong Member Dies At The Age Of 91 – Death Cause

Moira Taylor Obituary, Death – Moira Taylor has passed away, which is a terrible shame. After a long and happy life, Moira Taylor passed away at the age of 91, and it is with a heavy heart that we relay the news of her passing. She had a full and happy life. Moira was a part of the organization for close to 25 years and during that period she was a part of two distinct teams that each won the pennant. She was a lovely club member and was always such a delight to have around, especially on our girls’ golfing adventures away from home. In particular, she was such a joy to have around on our golfing outings away from home.

Further information regarding the funeral services for Moira can be found in the attached file for anyone who might be interested in attending. She went to school in England, and it was in that country that she first met and wed Elmer, the man who would become her devoted husband. Moira made her home in Lancaster, where her family eventually settled, and it was there that she cultivated a circle of friends that will outlive her.

The Taylor family migrated to and established themselves in Lancaster. Moira devoted her life to her family, the pursuit of her values, and the betterment of the society in which she lived. She was a passionate member of the Immaculate Conception Church in Lancaster, and she also spent many years working at the Thayer Library, where she assisted a large number of patrons who were researching their family histories. She held the memories of her time there dear

. She had the good fortune to travel extensively throughout the world, and she possessed the talent of being able to regale family and friends with tales of her experiences. She had the good fortune to travel extensively across the world. All of the people who had the honor of being able to call Moira a friend will remember her fondly as someone who savored each and every second of their lives and will be genuinely saddened by her loss because of this. Rest in peace Moira. Eddie was there, patiently awaiting our arrival on the heavenly fairways.