Mike Cole Obituary

Mike Cole Obituary, Mike Cole Has Passed Away At Age 67 – Death Cause

Mike Cole Obituary, Death – On Saturday, April 1, 2023, our classmate Mike Cole, who had just reached 67 years old, passed away after a long and heroic struggle with his health. He had been battling his illness for a long time. Mike’s health has been a constant source of concern for him over the course of a significant number of years. Before he left, his sister Rhonda Cole, both of his parents, Charlie and Jessie Cole, as well as both of his grandparents had already passed away.

He was the last surviving member of his immediate family. Greg Cole, who is his brother, and Cindy, who is his brother’s wife, are both included in the group of people who will carry on his legacy when he is gone. His legacy will be carried on by those people. In addition to his brothers, he is predeceased by a sizeable number of uncles, aunts, nieces, and nephews from his extended family.

There is a good chance that you will discover nearby a photograph that was shot of Mike and his friends at the Northern High Class of 1974 reunion that was held at Blue Note Grill a month earlier. The probability of your discovering this photograph is high. At the reunion, which was hosted at Blue Note Grill, the photo was taken there. One of the establishments that Mike has owned and operated in the hospitality sector in North and South Carolina at one point or another is Charlie’s Pub and Grill.

Which is located on 9th Street in Durham. Mike has also owned and operated other businesses in North and South Carolina. Additional companies that Michael has owned and operated may be found in both North Carolina and South Carolina. Michael was the owner of a wide range of additional enterprises that were spread out over both states. These kinds of businesses were present in every single location.

Mike endured four knee operations when he was younger, and as a result, he is not nearly as good of an athlete as he used to be when he was in his younger years. This is because knee injuries are notoriously difficult to recover from. Mike suffered a serious and embarrassing setback as a result of this. In spite of the difficulties he encountered at the school, he was able to participate in college basketball for the St. Andrews University squad.