Mick Bensley Obituary, Mick Bensley Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Mick Bensley Obituary, Mick Bensley Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Mick Bensley Obituary, Death – My family and I are deeply sorry to have to inform you all of the passing of Mick Bensley; it is with tremendous regret that we do so. Today, he died away at the hospital in a calm and dignified manner. When the time comes, notice of the funeral arrangements will be distributed across the many Rottingdean pages. He had a deep love for all of the beautiful residents of Rottingdean, whom he was ecstatic to be able to call his friends. He was really enthusiastic about Rottingdean.

Devon was raised in Plainville and he graduated from Plainville High School with the class of 2015. Soon after he graduated from high school, he began his career in the petroleum industry. At Chito’s Well Service, he began his career as a floor hand and advanced to the position of rig operator over time. In 2016, Devon fell in love with the woman who would become the mother of his children as well as the love of his life, Jailen. His wild nature kept his fiancé, friends, and family on their toes with his love of big burn outs and the need for speed (although that sometimes got him in trouble).

Because of his clumsy foot and his admiration for American strength, it was inevitable that he would do it again and again. Devon was a family-centered man; he adored his sons, shopping for RC cars or hot wheels with his brother and tinkering on car projects with his uncle and best friend, Jameson. He was never alone; either his family or his friends were constantly at his side, and whenever they got together, there was always enjoyable music, delicious food, and a lot of laughter. Those who knew him were able to sense his liberated spirit. He found God and the beauty in His creation by doing things he enjoyed like fishing, cruising around, and spending time with the people he loved the most.

Although Devon will be sorely missed by all who knew him, his love and memories will be with us forever. May we surround the family with love and cherish Devon’s memories by living like tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, put our foot through the floor every now and then and leave burnouts on the hearts of the people we encounter. And may we be encouraged to cherish the ties that bind, be quick to forgive and slow to anger, and live our lives to the very fullest.