Michelle Fuentes Obituary, Miami FL, Former Power 96 Radio Presenter, Has Died - Death Cause

Michelle Fuentes Obituary, Miami FL, Former Power 96 Radio Presenter, Has Died – Death Cause

Michelle Fuentes Obituary, Death – Pembroke Pines, which is located in the state of Florida, was the location of Michelle Edith Fuentes’ passing on March 29, 2023, in the year 2023, in the United States of America. an act of cremation that took place in private behind closed doors. During this difficult time, the Fuentes family begs that they be kept in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you for your consideration. The Joseph A. Scarano Pines Memorial Chapel views it as an honor to collaborate with the Fuentes family in order to carry out the necessary activities connected with the organization of the funeral services.

These activities are directly tied to the celebration of the deceased’s life. A number of members of Michelle’s family have passed away in recent years, including both of her grandmothers, both of her grandfathers, and the brothers of both of Michelle’s grandmothers. One of Michelle’s aunts from Mexico also passed away recently. The only surviving member of Michelle’s immediate family is her sister Michelle, who is also named Michelle. Her entire family had a lot of love and respect for her, and after she dies away, everyone in the group is going to miss her quite a little. Her complete family adored and respected her.

Her grandson, Damian A. Fuentes of Amarillo; her parents, Gabriel and Maria Fuentes of Amarillo; and a great number of other relatives, including a big number of aunts, uncles, and other relatives from Amarillo and old Mexico. Her grandparents and her son Angel Ray Fuentes, who still resides in the home, as well as her grandchild Damian A. Fuentes, who currently resides in Amarillo, are all related to her. The deceased individual’s two daughters, Dominique Trevino and Alexandria Trevino, both of whom reside at the same address, as well as the deceased individual’s son, Angel Ray Fuentes, who also resides at the same address, and the deceased individual’s grandson, Damian A. Fuentes, are among those who have survived.