Mia Ferguson Obituary, Halifax, Has Died - Death Cause

Mia Ferguson Obituary, Halifax, Has Died – Death Cause

Mia Ferguson Obituary, Death – On June 30, 1952, Mr. and Mrs. James Ferguson received one of those dreaded letters about their son, Jim, who was serving as an infantryman and corporal in the United States Army during the Korean War. The letter concerned the Fergusons’ son Jim, who was serving in the Korean War.

The viewpoint of one of Ferguson’s fellow soldiers, William H. Sellers, regarding her son’s mission is conveyed in a letter that was written fifty years later and addressed to Ferguson’s mother. The letter was written by Sellers. Sellers writes in the letter, “A lot of the guys thought it showed poor leadership from the top brass to send another patrol to the same area three nights later.” Sellers’s words appear in the letter.

It was reported that he was MIA, which is an abbreviation for missing in action. According to Major General William Bergin, who is the person who wrote the letter, the phrase “missing in action” is “used only to indicate that the whereabouts or status of an individual is not immediately known.”

Ferguson, who was 22 years old when he disappeared and was later found dead on June 17, 1952, was on patrol in the Iron Triangle of North Korea three weeks before he was scheduled to be rotated back to the United States of America at the time of his disappearance. His body was discovered on June 17.