Matt Schubert Obituary, Saskatoon SK, Has Died - Death Cause

Matt Schubert Obituary, Saskatoon SK, Has Died – Death Cause

Matt Schubert Obituary, Death – We are deeply saddened to notify you of the sudden passing of Dr. Matt Schubert, who was not only a gifted physician but also a wonderful friend, husband, and father. His passing came as a complete surprise to all of his loved ones.

He treasured his time while working at Wall Street Obstetricians and Gynecology, where he got his start in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. Teaching was his true calling, and he savored every chance he got to engage in conversation with nursing staff members and medical students of varying experience levels. During the period that he served in that capacity, he was recognized as the recipient of the PAIRS Excellence in Resident Teaching Award as well as the Tom MacLachlan Clinical Teaching Award. He was also the Director of the Residency Training Program.

He is survived by his wife, Patrice Pollock, their daughter Annie (Bryce), and their son Alexander, his daughter Debra (Huda, Acia, Rayan), and his son Ben (Sheena, Hazel, Jo), as well as his father Josef, his brothers Jon (Elizabeth), Mike (Georgina), and Jeremy, his brother-in-law James (Pablo), as well as a large number of nieces and nephews. Before he was even born, his mother Monica had already passed away.

He was born in Haifa, Israel, but at the age of two he took his first vacation (on an airline) to Liverpool, where he lived with his siblings and played outside in short pants despite the fact that it was freezing in the Lake Region. This happened even though he lived in Israel. When they were nine years old, their parents put them on a boat to Canada, and their final destination was Regina.

Before beginning his studies in medicine at the University of Saskatchewan, the student held a variety of jobs, including stints as a lifeguard at Cypress Hills, an employee of IPSCO, a paint factory, and a salt mine. Both Patrice and he attended the College of Medicine and graduated in the same year, 1989. They were in the same class together. After finishing an internship at Saskatoon City Hospital, he went on to receive his residency training in obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Saskatchewan, from which he graduated in the year 1994.