Mark Russell Obituary American Satirist, Mark Russell Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Mark Russell Obituary American Satirist, Mark Russell Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Mark Russell Obituary, Death – This may come seem as self-serving, and to some extent, you’d be right. Yet, I feel it necessary to bring out the fact that Mark Russell, the great political humorist who worked in Washington for almost three decades, was also a Mensch. Comedians abhor it when their peers are successful, and they despise it much more when they have to follow in their footsteps.

When I worked in television in Washington, District of Columbia, I had a passing familiarity with Mark, but he was several levels and several pecking orders above me. One evening, I found myself on the same dais as Mark Russell at some function that I have since forgotten about. The evening went quite well for me. A short while later, when Mark was scooching by me to conclude the night with his set, he leaned over and spoke the kindest things any comedian has ever said to me.

This was the best compliment any comedian has ever paid me. Russell yelled, “You sonofabitch,” right before he proceeded to take the microphone and kill everyone. Mark was one of a kind, bright, focused, and amusing. He also had a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the nation’s capital than the majority of the politicians who work there.

But more than that, he was the kind of person who would compliment a less talented funnyman by using phrases that made the recipient feel like he was a part of the conversation. As a performer, Mr. Russell had an alluring air of showmanship that the majority of audiences found difficult to resist. His warm stage presence, powerful baritone, mischievous smile, characteristic bow-tie, and dark-rimmed glasses were only some of the elements that contributed to this aura.