Lorie Phillips Obituary

Lorie Phillips Obituary, Lorie Phillips Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Lorie Phillips Obituary, Death – The body of a woman who had been found burned to death inside of a burning house was identified as that of 62-year-old Lorie Phillips by the Winnebago County Coroner last week. Phillips’s body had been located inside of the flaming residence. The burned out house was where the body of Phillips was discovered after the fire.

The coroner’s office reported that they discovered a body inside the home during their investigation. As they approached the house, they observed smoke coming from within it. They were taken aback when they came across the lifeless body of a man inside. When Phillips was found inside the home, it was determined that he was unconscious and not moving at the time that he was discovered there.

After the fire, the body of Phillips was found inside the wreckage of the house that he had been living in. Once the fire had been put out, the charred remains of Phillips’ body were discovered inside the burning apartment. The fire had been quenched. In the evening of Sunday, March 16, about 6:25 o’clock, firemen from the city of Rockford were dispatched to a residence that was situated in the 600 block of North Central Avenue.

When he was found, he was inside the home. She was transported to a nearby emergency room, but the medical team there was unable to perform any procedures that would have brought her back from the dead. She was declared clinically dead. Even though an autopsy will be carried out on Phillips today, the events leading up to his passing are still shrouded in mystery.

despite the fact that Phillips will have an autopsy performed on him today. We are not yet aware of the circumstances surrounding his passing. But, today is the day that the autopsy is scheduled to be carried out on the deceased.