Lori Samples Obituary

Lori Samples Obituary, Alabama, Boaz City School Teacher Has Died – Death Cause

Lori Samples Obituary, Death –  The life of Lori Samples has sadly come to an end. Our hearts go out to you at this time. According to a social media post: “It’s not one of my preferred activities to do nothing exciting on my birthday. This was the first text message I got this morning, and I’ve been thinking about how to respond for hours. Since her child is so much like Stran and I in our indestructible bond, the first thing that came to mind was that my heart fell for her baby.

Someone who could be both amusing and generous was Lori Phillips Samples. I had never before heard such a deep, gut-busting guffaw until I met her. When I returned from trips with her and our mutual acquaintances, I couldn’t wait to tell everyone about the amusing things she’d said. On one of our final get-togethers, we were so many that it was necessary to pack everyone into a tiny van in order to go out and buy food and bring it back to the condo where we were staying.

The way our buddy stated things never offended anyone, which was another reason why it was so entertaining to listen to her. We were all thinking it, but nobody was voicing it, about her driving. The bumpy trip caused her seatbelt to repeatedly lock, prompting her to exclaim, “I feel like a toddler in a car seat!” I know, I know, it was a moment you had to be there for, but she was a wonderful friend who made us laugh till we cried in every gathering we ever had. It was an experience you simply had to have been present for. I was always overjoyed to share her successes with her and was proud of her no matter how many awards she won.”