Lisa Livett Obituary, Lisa Livett Has Died - Death Cause

Lisa Livett Obituary, Lisa Livett Has Died – Death Cause

Lisa Livett Death, Obituary – It is with great sadness and immense heartache that my beautiful supporter Lisa Livett who was sadly battling cancer since Christmas time has grew her perfect wings and departed this earth on the 24th March we are beyond upset to hear of this sad news and my love and strength go out to Lisa’s Husband Gary, their 2 children and all Lisa’s family and friends and all the lives she touched during her time here on earth.

You answered the call to go up to the glorious sky to be with the rest of your family, and you will spend the rest of eternity as a beautiful angel looking down on your husband and children. We would want to express our gratitude to Lisa for all of her support on my page and for continuing to participate in my lives even though she did not receive a reading. You were taken away from us much too soon, but you were required to go and be with the other members of your family who are now in the glorious sky.

Even though we have never met in person, the private conversations that we have had and the support that you have given me have been incredibly valuable, and all of those who knew you, including us, will miss you very dearly. My dear, you no longer have to go through any agony or pain; now is the time for you to soar to the heavens. This evening, we will honor Lisa’s memory by lighting a candle in her memory.

In commemoration of an amazing person whose life was cut far too soon, we would like to extend to you an invitation to join me in doing the same thing. In addition, we will light this candle as a symbol of our undying love, unwavering fortitude, and unwavering support for the family at this trying time.