Liam Pakonis Obituary Butternuts NY, Liam Pakonis Has Sadly Passed Away - Death Cause

Liam Pakonis Obituary Butternuts NY, Liam Pakonis Has Sadly Passed Away – Death Cause

Liam Pakonis Obituary, Death – According to the records that were found, Liam Pakonis was a student at Wayne Hills High School who was killed in an automobile accident on Friday. Pakonis was a senior at the school. The passing of Liam has had a profound impact on his friends, family, and the community that he was a part of at Wayne Hills High School, but additional information on his life and background is not yet accessible. Liam Pakonis and Christian Enrico, both of Passaic County, were killed in an automobile accident on Friday.

Both were on their way to work. At the time of the tragedy, the two adolescents were being chased by the authorities in the state of New York. Liam Pakonis attended Wayne Hills High School when the incident occurred. Christian Enrico, who was a junior at the time, was the middle of five brothers and sisters. Donald Pavlak Jr., the president of the Wayne Board of Education, sent his sympathies to the Wayne community for the untimely passing of the two kids. He stated that the entire school community is shaken to its core by the tragic event that occurred.

Officials have not yet completed their investigation into the circumstances behind the vehicle crash. There will be no need for clients to make an appointment in order to speak with a counselor during the therapy sessions that will take place Monday through Wednesday at the high school located at 272 Berdan Avenue. The school is doing every effort to provide support for the kids, faculty, and families who have been adversely affected by the awful tragedy that occurred.

The investigation into the car accident is still going on, and the authorities are working to figure out what caused the collision. The death of these two young lives is being mourned by the entirety of the community, and people are taking time to reflect on the great influence that these individuals had on both their school and the people in their immediate environment.