Kenneth Pluhar Obituary Alton IL, Kenneth Pluhar Has Died At Age 62 - Death Cause

Kenneth Pluhar Obituary Alton IL, Kenneth Pluhar Has Died At Age 62 – Death Cause

Kenneth Pluhar Obituary, Death – Kenneth Kenne Alton, Illinois resident Joseph Pluhar Jr. Kenne lost his fight against sepsis and passed away in the intensive care unit (ICU) at St. Anthony’s Hospital. He was 62 years old. After 50 years of crap-starting with anyone and anything he could find to fight in Alton, Illinois, this hard as nails, redneck, SOB finally found something meaner and more stubborn than himself. Kenne was a fighter until the end.

Hunting, fishing, and drinking were Kenne’s three genuine pleasures, just like they are for any decent card-carrying, ray ban wearing, camo coverall loving redneck. He was a fan of “both types of music,” including country and western. He was unable to maintain his marriage, just like every other depressing cowboy ballad, but it did not stop him from trying. Again. And again. We are aware of a total of four legal marriages (and divorces) that he had previously been a part of, in addition to one common law marriage.

His first marriage to Tara (Gomez) Berry resulted in the birth of his one and only child (again, to our knowledge), Halliea Milner. He was extremely proud of his daughter, mainly due to the fact that she is almost as much of a pain in the ass as he was, and she kept the pain-in-the-ass line going by giving him his only grandchild, Sidnee Milner. His second marriage resulted in the birth of He was predeceased by his mother, Connie Sue (McKinnon) Donelson, whom he referred to as “his mommy” right up until the day he passed away.

This is undeniable evidence that even the most obnoxious jerks have a vulnerable side; you might just have to look a little bit harder to discover it. Yet, his father, Kenneth Joseph Pluhar, Sr., is still around, and he made sure to teach Kenne the finest methods to be emotionally unavailable while at the same time being too sensitive. It is a powerful characteristic that runs in the family and has been passed down from generation to generation.