Keith Gosney Obituary, Keith Gosney Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Keith Gosney Obituary, Keith Gosney Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Keith Gosney Death, Obituary – Keith Gosney, who worked with Harris Pumps as a Sales and Projects Engineer for the past 45 years, passed away recently, and we are deeply saddened to inform the larger Harris Pumps community of this loss. This is a piece of news that we have to deliver to you with a heavy heart. On March 18, everyone would have their final encounter with him, and his presence will be sorely missed by all of those who knew him.

Keith was a highly accomplished operator who exhibited levels of excitement, loyalty, and workmanship in his work that were unmatched by anyone else. When it comes to these topics, nobody else can compare to Keith. His efforts are largely responsible for the building of water treatment facilities at Harris Machinery and, to a major degree, throughout the rural parts of Hawkes Bay. His efforts are also largely responsible for the development of Harris Machinery.

Everyone who had worked with him in the past or who works with him at current time, along with clients and vendors, thought of him more as a friend than an acquaintance. This includes those who had worked with him in the past as well as those who work with him at present time. This is something that was true in the past, and it is still true today. The water business in Hawke’s Bay and beyond will suffer a significant setback as a direct result of his leaving, which will have implications that extend beyond the region.

During this difficult time, we will continue to think about and pray for his family and all of his other loved ones. We are deeply saddened by the loss that they have suffered. On Friday, March 31, at 1.30 p.m., there will be a celebration of Keith’s life that will take place at Toi Toi. Everyone who would like to pay their respects to Keith’s family and friends is invited to join the event. Toi Toi is located at. The fact that he was a generally kind person makes it all the more upsetting to find this about him. carried out a big amount of work for us over the course of a significant amount of time and on a number of different occasions. I’ll see you later, Keith.