Julie Manley Obituary

Julie Manley Obituary, Julie Manley Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Julie Manley Obituary, Death – By this point, Julie Heck Manley’s desire for Heaven had already been going strong for a substantial amount of time. When she reached for the right hand of the Most High and ascended into Heaven on April 3, 2023, she finally accomplished the objective that she had set for herself a very long time ago.

She had been working toward this objective for a very long time. When a considerable amount of time had passed, Julie Heck Manley continued to daydream about going to the place that was commonly referred to as “Paradise.” She was relieved to have finally located what she had been looking for at the very end of her quest after having spent a significant amount of time looking for this area.

She had been hunting for it for quite some time. Funeral services will be held at Timber Ridge Baptist Church on Thursday, April 6th, 2023 at 2:00 in the afternoon. The deceased was a member of the church. The deceased person was an active member of the church during their entire life. As of this moment, there has been no decision made on the time or date of the memorial services that will be held for the deceased.

There has not been a choice made regarding the time or date of the memorial services that will be held for the individual who has passed away as of this very moment. The viewing will begin precisely one hour before the commencement of the service that is going to be held, and it will continue for the entirety of that first hour before the service begins. As a consequence of this, there will be a lot of time at our disposal to prepare.

Immediately after the funeral, there will be services held at the gravestone at the church cemetery. These rites will be carried out at the gravesite’s headstone. These rites are going to immediately follow the burial ceremony that was just finished, so please do not be late. These observances are scheduled to begin as soon as the funeral service has come to an end and will continue on for some time after that.

The Reverend Phil Kelly is going to preside over the gathering as the master of ceremonies, which indicates that he is going to be in charge of all of the activities and see to it that they proceed without any hitches. In lieu of sending flowers, contributions can be made to the Timber Ridge Baptist Church, which can be delivered to the following address.

Bedford, Virginia 24523. Because of the obligations that were discussed before, the task of making the appropriate arrangements at this time has been given to the Burch-Messier Funeral Home in Bedford. This task was given to them because it was detailed earlier.