Joyce Wiseman Obituary, Joyce Wiseman Has Died - Death Cause

Joyce Wiseman Obituary, Joyce Wiseman Has Died – Death Cause

Joyce Wiseman Death, Obituary – Joyce Wiseman, who was 92 years old when she died, passed away in the early morning hours of Friday, March 24, 2023. We are telling each and every one of you the news of her leaving with a heavy heart and a lot of grief. During the final week of her life, she was provided with exceptional care at the Dorothy Ley Hospice, which ultimately led to her passing. As a result of being in the presence of Jesus Christ, her Lord and Savior, she is no longer in pain and may now rest in peace.

Joyce passed away peacefully after a protracted struggle with her health. She had been in and out of the hospital for a long time. John was there for her, just as he has been for the length of their 59-year marriage, showering her with his unending attention and undying devotion. This has been John’s pattern throughout their entire relationship. It was a gift for Joyce to have Brigitte and Denise, two hands of love from our church, provide outstanding care for her in such a way.

Wonderful caregivers like Richa, Grishma, and Lobsang helped us get through the challenging circumstances that we were going through. This was again another one of the countless mercies that we have received. The loss of John Wiseman’s inseparable wife, partner, and companion, Joyce, has caused him to experience a great level of sadness, and he is suffering as a result.

John will remain in our hearts, minds, and prayers as we remember and celebrate his life. She was kind, kind, and devoted to her family and the people she cared about. Her warm grin is something that we are going to miss. John and Joyce have been active participants in our congregation for a considerable amount of time, and we are thankful for everything that they do. This terrible event had a significant and lasting impact on all of us.