John Carroll Obituary, Former Editor At CMV, Has Died - Death Cause

John Carroll Obituary, Former Editor At CMV, Has Died – Death Cause

John Carroll Obituary, Death  – The employees and management at CMV/Key Publishing felt an immense sense of grief and sorrow when they learned of the passing of photographer Garry Stuart after hearing the news of his passing. Garry was a regular contributor to CMV and Vintage Land Rover, which is CMV’s sister journal. He was in charge of taking the cover photo for the first issue of the latter journal, which was released in the spring of 2013. Right up until the week before he died away, he maintained his connection to both publications; in fact, Garry will be featured on the cover of the future issue of CMV due May 2023. Before he passed away, he kept his connection to both magazines.

The following was claimed by John Carroll, who had previously worked as an editor at CMV: “About thirty years ago, we started out doing bike and chopper stuff together. Nevertheless, as time went on, we expanded our interests to include things like 4x4s, Land Rovers, hot rods, Jeeps, and military vehicles. Most recently, Key Publishing published a bookazine that we wrote about American pick-up trucks. The experience of working together on it was reminiscent of happier times, but tragically, it was the cause of the demise of a long-standing friendship.

When Garry started working with CMV/CLR, he already had a large amount of expertise in the field of photography. In other words, he was well-prepared for the job. His portfolio included photographs of a wide range of topics, such as Grand Prix motorbikes, car and 4×4 road testing, choppers and custom bikes, historic vehicles of a variety of types, and more. In more recent years, he received news that, much to his joy, the National Library of Wales would be purchasing a number of his black-and-white images that were taken for the purpose of documenting social life.