John Campbell Obituary, John Campbell Has Passed Away – Death Cause

John Campbell Obituary, Death – John Campbell, who was a member of our family and had a friendly demeanor, was often referred to as “Soup” Campbell because of his name. John Campbell died away not too long ago. Betsy, Soup’s wife, let us know on March 27 that her husband had passed away, and she provided the following statement in her contact to us about her husband’s passing: It is with a great degree of regret that we have to tell you the news that Soup has died away.

He felt the strongest sense of connection to the soldiers of the 335th and the mission they were on when he was there. Betsy, Your assistance is very much appreciated, and you can have complete confidence that we will not stop thinking about or praying for you in the future.

We are deeply sorry for your loss. We are not certain whether or not you hold an in memoriam portion at the reunions; despite this, if you do, we ask that you remember him during that time; however, if you do not hold an in memoriam portion at the reunions, we ask that you do not. We beg that you please memorialize him in some other way in the event that you do not include an in memoriam segment during the reunions. If you do not want to include an in memory part at the reunions that we are going to be attending, then we will respect your decision not to do so.

During this time of difficulty, let us not overlook the importance of keeping Betsy and John’s family in our thoughts and prayers as they work hard to overcome the obstacles that have been placed in front of them. They are modifying their approach in response to the difficult conditions that they find themselves in at the moment.