Jeff Rosado Obituary

Jeff Rosado Obituary, Jeff Rosado Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Jeff Rosado Obituary, Death – On March 20, 2019, Jeff Rosado died away, and it is with a heavy heart that we share the news of his passing with you all. His passing occurred on a Monday. Because Jeff was such a skilled fighter in the NF2 community, everyone who knew him feels a great feeling of loss as a result of his passing. This is especially true given that Jeff passed away.

He was an extremely valuable input to the development of our website. We would like to invite everyone to come together to celebrate Jeff’s life and offer their condolences to his wife and children, who he leaves behind. This gathering will take place in memory of Jeff. His wife and their four children are the only ones who mourn his passing.

Jeff was a fantastic person who was always willing to help the NF2 community in a variety of different ways by volunteering his time and offering his expertise without expecting anything in return. He was a very kind and generous donor of tissue to our Biobank, which will help to increase the number of research and treatment options available to other people who suffer from the ailment.

We ask that you participate with us in this gathering. In memory of Jeff, his family has set up various fundraising projects on the website GoFundMe in the hopes of receiving some financial support to help them get through this difficult time: Everyone who knew Jeff, as well as those who didn’t know him, is highly encouraged to read the most recent interview that he gave and learn more about his incredible journey.

The doggedness, fortitude, and perseverance that Jeff possesses will continue to act as an inspiration for all of us: Jeff, I pray that you find peace in death. You will never be forgotten by the NF2 community, and they will always have a place in their hearts reserved especially for you.