Jay Leno Motorcycle Accident, Jay Leno Injured In Motorcycle Crash

Jay Leno Motorcycle Accident – At the middle of January, Jay Leno was involved in a motorbike accident that left him disabled. He was riding a 1940 Indian motorcycle when he was hit with a clothesline and knocked off his bike when he was in the middle of a parking lot. As a consequence of this, several bones were fractured. Nonetheless, Leno was not sidelined for an extended period of time by this injury. He has resumed posting new films to his channel on YouTube, which is known as Jay Leno’s Garage.

In his most recent video, Leno said, “I still got a broken collarbone, two broken ribs, and a couple of cracked knee caps, so if you see me limping around here, well, you probably will for the next couple of videos.” Leno’s injury list includes a broken collarbone, two broken ribs, and two cracked knee caps. “But like an idiot, I am going to fix [the Indian motorcycle] and get back on it again, because as you are well aware, once a man reaches the age of 40, you really can’t teach them anything new.” They never seem to change their behavior and continue to carry out the same routines.

It’s a good thing I’m only 72 years old because if I were older, this may have been a very serious accident. “You can still see a little bit of a scar here [on my chin] and a scar on my neck [where the wire hooked]; if I had been going like 50 or something, I definitely would have been decapitated, so I consider myself to have been fairly lucky. Leno was joking when he said, “And anytime you don’t get decapitated, well, that’s just good luck.” If you watch the video, you will see that the comic is moving around and being active despite the injury, and he is even making jokes about it.

This can be seen if you watch the video. The 1940 Indian that he was riding experienced damage on the front of the sidecar and the front fender. Moreover, Leno believes that his front fork may have been modified in some way. He intends to get a replacement for the broken fork and proceed with the restoration.