James Gordon Obituary, Jim Gordon Has Died - Death Cause

James Gordon Obituary, Jim Gordon Has Died – Death Cause

Jim Gordon Death, Obituary – The organization brought up the memories of James (Podger) Gordon, a former player for the club who had reached the age of 79 when he went away, with a great feeling of sadness as they learned of his loss. James (Podger) Gordon had reached the age of 79 when he passed away. Gordon had already attained the age of 79 at the time he passed away. In his lifetime, he had lived to that age. Jim was a member of Roselea in the 1970s and 1980s, and it was during this time that he earned a great lot of respect for his role as a club mainstay.

This time period spans the decades between 1970 and 1980. During this time, Jim was a member of Roselea’s team. Over the length of this time period, Jim was a dependable teammate of Roselea’s throughout the entire process. In addition to this, he was well-known for his unshakable support of Montrose FC and his frequent attendance at Links Park. Both of these things made him well-known. He became well-known in the community as a result of both of these things.

His teammates showed their respect for him by first observing a moment of silence in his honor prior to yesterday’s game against Maud, and then applauding and cheering enthusiastically once the game was over. In addition, before the start of the game, they demonstrated their admiration for him by giving him a strong round of applause in his honor and by holding a moment of silence in his honor before the game began. The funeral ceremony for him will be held at Emslie Colliers Broomfield Road in Montrose on Friday, April 7 at one o’clock in the afternoon.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that a sizeable percentage of the Roselea community will be there to pay their respects to him, both initially and ultimately. On Friday, we will hold the services that are linked with his passing due to the fact that he passed away on Friday.