Jaime Loza Obituary, Jaime Loza Has Died - Death Cause

Jaime Loza Obituary, Jaime Loza Has Died – Death Cause

Jaime Loza Death, Obituary – A driver who caused an accident but then fled the scene is to blame for the death of a man who was injured in the collision. It has been established that he is a man by the name of Jaime Loza, and that he is 48 years old. Jaime Loza resides in Del Rey. The investigation into this case has been expanded to include a homicide sub-line of inquiry. The individual suspected in the homicide has been taken into custody by homicide investigators from the sheriff’s office.

Rolando Sanchez, a resident of Del Rey who was 54 years old at the time of his arrest, was charged with the crime of murder and taken to the Fresno County Jail. On the evening of Thursday, March 16 in the vicinity of Carmel Avenue and Morro Avenue in Del Rey, California, sheriff’s dispatchers received a report of a man who had been struck by a vehicle and was lying in the road while suffering from injuries.

The incident was reported to have occurred around 7:00 p.m. on that day. Once they arrived, deputies and specialists from emergency medical services worked together to transport the victim, Jaime Loza, to the hospital. Homicide investigators were sent to the location of the crime, and once they arrived, they assumed control of the investigation. Loza went dead on March 21st, some time after some time had gone.

The deputy who came to the accident scene was unable to locate either the vehicle nor the driver who were responsible for the collision at the spot. Despite this, they were able to assemble together evidence that pointed to a deliberate act and an automobile being engaged in the incident. The next day, detectives located a black Chevy Tahoe that they believe was involved in the hit-and-run collision that had occurred the day before.

In the vicinity of the crossroads where S. Bethel and E. Jefferson Avenues meet, investigators conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle. They carried out a search of the Chevrolet Tahoe and made contact with the driver, Rolando Sanchez, who was subsequently taken into prison once the investigation was concluded.