Ilidio Silva Obituary, Ilidio Silva Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Ilidio Silva Obituary, Ilidio Silva Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Ilidio Silva Death, Obituary – At the age of 62, Ilidio Manuel Da Silva, who had spent his whole life in the city of Lowell, Massachusetts, passed away on March 1, 2023, at the Lowell General Hospital. He had lived there all of his life. On July 29, 1960, he was born on the island of Faial, which is situated in the Portuguese territory of the Azores. He was the son of Maria (Hortese) Da Silva, who also departed away before their son was born. His father, Vital Da Silva, had passed away.

Both of his parents had previously passed away before this event took place. He was born and reared in Faial, and it was there that he received his official education from the schools that were located within the neighborhood. When he had arrived in the country, he made the decision to go to the United States, and he settled on the city of Lowell, which is located within the state of Massachusetts, as the site of his new residence.

He spent a significant portion of his working life working as an operator of fork lifts up until the point when he could eventually retire from that line of employment. Ilidio was a loyal brother to Vital, Ruben, and Marilia, as well as an uncle to Ruben, Sonya, Sandro, Reuben Paul, Tanya, Nicole, and Monica. He was also an uncle to Ruben, Sandro, and Reuben Paul. In addition, Reuben Paul, Ruben, and Reuben could always count on Ilidio to be there for them as a loyal friend. There were a lot of individuals in his life who were close to him and are going to miss him a great deal. This includes members of his extended family as well as friends. He was her former partner and had been married to Fatima Maria in the past, but she has since passed away (Goulate).