Highlands High School Lockdown, Parents Panic As Highlands School Goes On Lockdown

Highlands High School Lockdown – Parents Are Going Nuts Because Highlands High School Has Been Placed Under Lockdown, Although the School Itself Is Locked Down. On one of the various social media platforms, a statement was made by a parent claiming “At this time, there is a lockdown in effect at Highlands High School. They were informed it wasn’t a drill, but my son just emailed me a picture indicating that the lights in the room were turned off and they were instructed to hide beneath the desks.

The phones at the school are being answered by complete quiet on the other end. I am now in the process of traveling there!!! Parents who are originally from the Highlands” In addition to the safety enhancements that have been established throughout the District (see below), students at Highland High School are Obliged to have their identification with them anytime they enter school. These safety enhancements have been implemented throughout the District.

The contents of any large bag or case, no matter what kind it is, are subject to being inspected during a search. In addition, we have closed a number of doors and replaced them with two principal student entrances that are situated at the north gates and the 400s. These entrances are located in the 400s and the north gates. Every single visitor is Obliged to check in at the front desk and comply with the most recent identification protocol in order to gain access to the premises. In addition to this, we have increased the number of lockdown drills that we practice on a regular basis.