Harry Schreffler Obituary, Harry Schreffler Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Harry Schreffler Obituary, Harry Schreffler Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Harry Schreffler Death, Obituary – On Thursday evening, retired music director Harry G. Schreffler passed away, and it is with a heavy heart that we are passing along the news of his passing. Harry G. Schreffler had been a member of our team for a good number of years. During the 25 years that Harry G. Schreffler worked as a teacher in Bellingham, he wore many hats, including those of Junior High School Music Teacher, High School Band Director, Chorus Director, Supervisor of Music, founding member of the Bellingham Friends of Music, friend to all, and role model to many.

He passed away in 2013. In addition to this, he was a member of the Boy Scout community and served there for about half a century in a variety of capacities. This commitment spanned nearly the whole century. Once Harry reached retirement age, he volunteered hundreds of hours of his time to the music program. As a result, he inspired a great number of individuals to pursue careers as musicians.

The music team will be forever grateful to him for his friendship and leadership and will remember both with fondness. In 2014, the “Harry G. Schreffler Fine Arts Wing” at Bellingham High School was given its current name in honor of Mr. Schreffler in acknowledgment of his significant contributions to the school’s arts program.

At this time, we are thinking about and praying for Harry’s family, especially his family in music and his family in scouts; he loved each and every one of you so very much. Our thoughts and prayers are also with Harry’s music family and his scout family. We are also keeping the Schreffler family in our thoughts and prayers at this time. In addition to that, Mr. Schreffler, we think the world of you!