Gary Randall Obituary, Dead Body found On NKU Campus - Death Cause

Gary Randall Obituary, Dead Body Found On NKU Campus – Death Cause

Gary Randall Obituary, Death – On Sunday afternoon, human remains were discovered on the campus of Northern Kentucky University, which prompted the local authorities to open an investigation into the circumstances surrounding their discovery. The university is cooperating with the investigation.

Officials from Northern Kentucky University (NKU) have reported that the NKU Police Department got a call from a fan who was on campus for soccer activities on Sunday afternoon just before 12:30 p.m. While a spectator was going around the back of the soccer stadium, they came upon what appeared to be human bones that had decayed in the neighboring forested region that was close to the stadium. The bones were found in an area that was close to the stadium.

Police arrived at the scene in what seemed like the blink of an eye. According to statements made by authorities at Northern Kentucky University, the on-duty detective placed a call to the Campbell County Special Incident Response Team at 1.22 p.m. to request assistance in processing the site of the event (NKU).

The Coroner arrived in the early afternoon, just a few minutes before 3 o’clock. He was there to investigate a death that had occurred. Based on the information that is now at the disposal of the officials at NKU, the situation does not present an imminent threat to the establishment, as stated by the officials at NKU. This conclusion is derived on an examination of the facts as they currently exist.

The first findings of the investigation revealed that there was no evidence to suggest that any kind of illegal activity had taken place. At this time, an investigation is being carried out at the location in question by multiple law enforcement agencies, including the NKU Police Department, the Highland Heights Police Department, the Campbell County Special Incident Response Team, and the Coroner.