Gary Monroe Obituary, Nevada Native Plant Society Mourns Gary Monroe Death - Death Cause

Gary Monroe Obituary, Nevada Native Plant Society Mourns Gary Monroe Death – Death Cause

Gary Monroe Obituary, Death – We are sorry to inform you of the passing of Gary Monroe, who was a lifelong member of the Nevada Native Plant Society. Gary’s contributions to society were invaluable. This information is being conveyed to you with a deep sense of regret on our part.

Gary was a soil scientist who had retired from the NRCS. However, it is conceivable that he did not fully retire, as he continued to serve as a volunteer with the Earth Team up to the time of his death, updating official soil series descriptions and entering historic pedon descriptions. Even though Gary’s usage of the computer occasionally pushed him to the point where he needed to curse out loud, the organization for which he volunteered found his knowledge of soil science to be highly valuable.

While Gary wasn’t working on the land, you could frequently find him with a camera in his hand, taking pictures of the diverse species of wildflowers that grew on the property. As a result of the fact that Gary has contributed more than 5,000 images to the websites CalPhotos, CalFlora, and USDA Plants, it is likely that many of you are already familiar with the work that he has done as a photographer. Not only did Gary take pleasure in photographing many types of wildflowers, but he also had a strong passion for gardening.

In the garden that he maintains at his home, Gary has grown a significant number of Nevada native plants, and he has given cuttings of these plants to other members of the Nevada Native Plant Society (NNPS). The following were some of Gary’s favorite things: locomotives, aircraft, chocolate ice cream, and Cougar Gold cheese (in a can from Washington State University that he brought to every potluck).

He was very knowledgeable about Subarus, especially Foresters, and was able to accurately determine the amount of ground clearance that each model had. The NNPS community will miss having Gary around in a huge manner since he was a hilarious man who was also nice and sweet to everyone he met.