Fred Brown Obituary

Fred Brown Obituary, Fred Brown Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Fred Brown Obituary, Death – Going to the Ritz Theater in Clearfield will no longer provide the same kind of memorable experience it once did. A post on social media that was issued on Wednesday night indicated that “our own Fred Brown” had passed away as a result of the house fire that occurred on Tuesday. In accordance with what is stated in the post, “Fred has been a mainstay… for such a significant amount of time.”

I am telling you with a heavy heart the news that a “Clearfield legend” has died away, as the Mayor of Clearfield, Mason Strouse, described him on social media. This news brings me a tremendous deal of pain. “It’s very likely that you’ve met Fred if you’ve ever been to The Ritz Theater in your life. He did a fantastic job of making everybody present feel like they belonged there.

“The very concept that he is not present in this room disturbs us to the point of immobility,” you may paraphrase this as saying. The community, as well as the family and friends of The Ritz Theater, will be utterly heartbroken upon hearing this information. Fred, we’ll talk to you again once we get to the other side of this. In the meanwhile, we would appreciate it if you could save us a spot.

According to remarks made by fire officials, firefighters responded to the residence on West Front Street where a fire was taking place within 10 minutes of their arrival, and they were successful in bringing the blaze under control. Brown was able to escape the building, but according to the theater’s social media page, he was flown to UPMC Mercy Hospital by helicopter to receive treatment for severe burns.

Strouse followed by expressing his “heartfelt compassion and grief” to each and every person who knew, worked with, or was somehow familiar with Brown. Although the village is in a state of mourning, they watch the movies and realize that “things will never be the same.” On Tuesday, around 11:33 a.m., a county sheriff’s deputy noticed smoke and flames in the area, and they reported the blaze to the appropriate authorities.