Ethan Chapin Obituary Idaho USA, Ethan Chapin Has Passed Away At Age 20 - Death Cause

Ethan Chapin Obituary Idaho USA, Ethan Chapin Has Passed Away At Age 20 – Death Cause

Ethan Chapin Obituary, Death – The parents of Ethan Chapin, who was one of four students at the University of Idaho who were killed in a horrific attack in November, are speaking out for the first time. They opened up to ABC News about their family’s healing process and the legacy their son will leave behind. Ethan Chapin was 20 years old. Ethan Chapin is one of a set of identical triplets that were born shortly before his sister Maizie and brother Hunter, all of whom are students at the University of Idaho.

According to the Chapins, Ethan and Hunter shared a particularly strong bond, and now that Hunter is on his own for the first time, he is discovering what it means to be without his “wingman.” Stacy Chapin described the recent phone call she received from her son Hunter at school in which he informed her, “Mom, I just went through the drive-thru by myself for the first time.” She said that being a triplet meant that you had to spend every moment of your life with the other members of your family.

Ethan Chapin went to his sister’s sorority formal on the night of November 12, 2022, which turned out to be the last night of his life. After that, he spent some time at the house of his Sigma Chi fraternity before going to spend the night at the residence of his girlfriend, Xana Kernodle, which was located off campus. Ethan Chapin, Kernodle, and two of Kernodle’s housemates, Kaylee Goncalves and Madison Mogen, were stabbed to death inside of the girls’ residence in the early hours of November 13, 2022. Ethan Chapin was also a victim of the attack.

The terrible act, which captured the attention of people all around the country, left two other roommates alive. Bryan Kohberger, age 28, was taken into custody on December 30 after authorities had searched for a suspect for a period of six weeks. Kohberger, who at the time of the murders was a graduate student working toward his Ph.D. at the nearby Washington State University, has not yet entered a plea.