Eddie Baker Obituary

Eddie Baker Obituary, North Reading Massachuset, Eddie Baker Has Died – Death Cause

Eddie Baker Obituary, Death – Eddie Baker has died. Eddie became an electrician after completing his high school education at Malden High and going on to pursue this career. Eddie was the loving brother of James Baker, who resides in North Reading and is married to Suzanne Baker, and Robert Baker, who resides in Hampton, New Hampshire, and is in a relationship with Michelle Witham.

Eddie was also the loving brother of Robert Baker, who was in a relationship with Michelle Witham. Eddie is going to be sorely missed. He was the nephew of Kyle Baker, Zack Baker, Luke Baker, and Sean Baker, and they all adored him very much. Also, he was the son of the late Robert “Pistol” Baker and Margaret (Donovan) Baker, as well as the grandson of the much-loved Victoria “Babci” Donovan.

Robert “Pistol” Baker and Margaret (Donovan) Baker both passed away before him. The deaths of Robert “Pistol” Baker and Margaret (Donovan) Baker have occurred simultaneously. He was the brother-in-law of Chris Fee, who lived in Charleston, South Carolina, and the son-in-law of Carol Fee and Kevin Fee, who lived in North Reading. Kevin Fee passed away. In addition to that, he was a Fee, which is a family name. The fact that he worked as a foreman in the Boston Public Schools, that he was employed at Dagle Electrical and Lynnwell Associates, and that he was a member of Local 103 were all things that made him feel a sense of accomplishment.

Wilson, Eddie’s devoted family dog, will also be staying behind after the move. Eddie used to spend his summers on Lake Winnipesaukee, where he did a lot of hanging out with his family and other friends. He had a personality that was larger than life, and he was not the type of person who would allow the truth to get in the way of a good story. Eddie never passed up an opportunity to spend time with his children, and the three of them had a passion for hockey, as well as a love of music and sports. The people that brought him the greatest joy in his life were his family and the close group of friends that he had kept throughout his life.