Chuck Helmke Obituary, Chuck Helmke Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Chuck Helmke Obituary, World’s Most Tattooed Senior Man Chuck Helmke Dies – Death Cause

Chuck Helmke Obituary, Death – Guinness World Records is saddened to learn of the passing of the senior citizen who held the record for having the most tattoos at his age. He was a colorful character who will be missed. On March 12, Charles “Chuck” Helmke, a United States citizen, passed suddenly at his home in Melbourne, Florida. He was surrounded by his devoted children and his heartbroken partner Charlotte Guttenberg. He was 81. The contented pair had a mutual appreciation for tattoos and amassed a number of record titles between them in this subgenre of body art.

In 2016, Chuck reached the milestone of having the most tattoos of any male senior citizen, a record that he still holds to this day. He has tattoos covering an astonishing 97.5% of his body in total. In addition, he is the current holder of the record for the most skulls tattooed on a man body, with 376.  Chuck and Charlotte both had records that were identical, with her being the senior citizen with the most tattoos (female) and having 98.75% of her body covered with artwork. Chuck held the same record.

Due to this fact, she is not only the most tattooed person now living but also the most tattooed person in the history of the world (female). In addition, Charlotte holds the record for the most feathers ever tattooed on a female body, with 216 of them. In 2017, Chuck and Charlotte were guests on our show Beyond The Record on Facebook Watch. During their appearance, they discussed their passion for various forms of body art with us.

Both members of the pair were well past the age of 50 when they developed an interest in tattoos for the first time, and it was this common passion that led to the beginning of their relationship. Chuck just so happened to be present when Charlotte was getting her very first tattoo, and he assisted her through the discomfort that she was experiencing. He said that their encounter on that day was predetermined by fate. He elaborated as follows: “By the sixth hour or so, she was becoming pretty ragged, and they wanted me to talk to her. When I wandered in the door, they asked me to talk to her.”