Chris Stock Obituary Lincoln Ne, Chris Stock Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Chris Stock Obituary Lincoln Ne, Chris Stock Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Chris Stock Obituary, Death – The sudden demise of Christopher James Stock on the 26th of March, 2023, when he was 31 years old, has left us with broken hearts as we make this announcement. Chris was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, on November 7th, 1991. His grandfathers, Mark Stock and Dwight Crewdson, as well as his grandmother, Rev. Louise Stock, all passed away before he was born. Chris is survived by grandmothers, Janice Crewdson and Lana Crewdson; proud parents Ted and Sherri Stock; parents-in-law Rod and Vicki Burkey; beloved wife, Victoria Stock; the children he adored.

Viarra Stock (10) and Ezra Stock (5); aunts, uncle, and cousins; and an amazing group of countless friends and mentors. Chris’ family meant the world to him. He deeply valued the relationship he had with his parents, calling them several times a day, taking them out to lunch weekly, and never missing an opportunity to cook them a gourmet meal. He was the kind of father that others inspired to be, never missing a doctor’s appointment, snuggling them every single night, helping with all the pesky math problems, kissing every boo-boo, and teaching them leadership, humility, and finding strength within themselves.

Chris was an incredible husband who didn’t need a special day to express his love, always bringing home his wife’s favorite treats, writing her notes just because, and even braiding her hair every night. His love and dedication to his family was constant and undivided throughout his life. Chris was incredibly goal and growth-focused and was able to create a wildly successful real estate business in only a few years’ time that serves hundreds of people in Lincoln and surrounding areas.

Anyone who met Chris could feel his selflessness, sincerity, humbleness, and became an instant friend. He did everything he could to encourage people to see their potential and grow. He served as a guide and advisor to a vast number of individuals, providing them with every opportunity he could. Chris will be remembered with a gathering to celebrate his life, the details of which will be shared at a later time.