Charles Stroud Obituary

Charles Stroud Obituary, 75 Year Old Charles Stroud Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Charles Stroud Obituary, Death –  On March 27, 2023, Charles Glayton Stroud, age 75, of Gaffney, South Carolina, died away peacefully in the company of his family and friends in the convenience of his own home. His death was calm and unobtrusive. He passed away in peace. Glayton Jennings and Eva Stroud, Charles’s parents, have both passed away and are no longer in this world. Charles’s parents are no longer with us.

His sister Gaye and his brother Tim are the only members of his family who have survived. They will have to get by without him for the time being. His brothers Reggie and Harold, together with his nephews Tony and Chuck, had already departed this world before he did. Also, his nephews Tony and Chuck were his cousins. His “Sweetheart” and next-door neighbor of many years.

Shirley, as well as his children Kim and her husband William and Scott, as well as his sisters-in-law Sylvia and Bertie, are the only people who will remember Charles after his passing. Also, Charles is survived by his children Kim and Scott who were both born after he passed away. He adored all of his nieces and nephews and took great joy in being a grandfather to his three grandchildren. He was a doting uncle to all of his nieces and nephews.

In addition to this, he was the uncle to a great number of nieces and nephews. Charles graduated from Maiden High School with his high school diploma in 1966 and then attended the University of Virginia to earn his degree in 1970. In addition to that, he received his diploma from the University of Virginia in 1966 along with the rest of the students in that year’s graduating class.

During his tenure in the United States Navy, during which he also held the position of officer, he served as both a rescue aviator and a pilot for a helicopter. His work took him to several different locations, including Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; San Diego, California; Charleston, South Carolina; and Albany, Georgia. Charles left the military after serving his allotted service and moved on to pursue a career in the textile sector.

He eventually became an advertising specialist after leaving the military. On the Saturday, April 8, 2023, at two o’clock in the afternoon, Cedar Grove Baptist Church in Maiden, North Carolina will be the location of a Celebration of Life to honor the life of a deceased individual. There has been no decision made regarding the time or place of the event.